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lawn scarifier/rake for golf and cricket ground

Lawncare Equipment

Lawncare garden tractors offer the only Indian make Rideon Lawn tractor with luxury and comfort of a traditional riding mower which are available in Imported machines, with additional Engine power and durability to haul attachments such as carts and spreaders. 

Powered By world best Briggs and Stratton Engines,  And if you’re worried about noise, than should try our range of Electric Lawn mower mowers, powered by either AC 230V or DC lithium battery which are very quite ad low in maintenance . 

Nearly all the gas-powered machines we tested emitted more than 85 decibels, and only a  few were somewhat quieter. For all, we recommend hearing protection. 

Lawn tractors can also be converted into snow plows or snow blowers in the wintertime. If you want more out of your traditional lawn mower than just cutting grass, our LT4018 may be right for you. 

 Whether you have acres of lawn or just a tiny patch of grass, you’ll need a capable mower that gets the job done. And the right one for the job, at that. 

Our Product Range


Wide range of all type Lawncare equipment are available ready stock, from small Electric Lawn mower, petrol mower to professional series of equipment like lawn scarifier/rake, Lawn Aerators, top dressers used for maintenance of sports fields.

Professional series of Ride-on Garden Tractors, which are made in India for commercial applications. Our best selling model LT4018 has many options of attachments and accessories as per customers requirement, be it agriculture, horticulture or snow we have all the attachments ready for you.

Our Mowers are supplied all over India to contractors, government, municipalities, landscapers for maintenance of all type of lawns, Firms like cricket grounds in India (BCCI), golf courses, army golf etc...

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We founded this company  in Year 1978 having thorough knowledge of engineering, designing of products. We make sure each member of our team understands best practices. We keep everyone up to date on the latest products and techniques.

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Our company pays special attention to the details of our work to ensure the complete satisfaction of each client. Our team of product and service support engineers, technicians are always at the service, to solve the issues of spares, repair over the Video chat or onsite visit to any part of India.

Lawn Ecosystems

Lawns are beautiful, but lawn care garden tractor can be complicated. Our knowledgeable staff will care for your lawn using tested, proven, and ecologically gentle techniques.